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Senior Advocates 

In Your Corner

As your Independent Patient Healthcare Advocate, we help you navigate the healthcare system.  


Whether you need services for yourself or a loved one, an Independent Patient Advocate can ease the burden of scheduling, preparing, and understanding your healthcare needs. As independent advocates, we don't work for an insurance company, hospital, or physician's office. We work for you. Representing your best interest!

Years of experience navigating senior care allows us to help you:

Prepare for Medical Appointments  


We prepare you for your physician's office visit by suggesting questions to ask and helping you gather your medical records.​

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Attend Medical Appointments  


We will accompany you to your medical appointment and serve as an extra set of eyes and ears, taking notes during the visit.  


We do not provide transport to the appointment, but can arrange it with one of our trusted service partners.​

Evaluate and

Provide Guidance  


We will assist you with your healthcare choices by helping you explore and evaluate your treatment options.  


We are not physicians and will never offer medical advice.   However, we will help you be more informed.​

​Help Manage Healthcare Bills and Claims  


We will help you review and evaluate your medical bills for accuracy and help you check your insurance claims for coverage and denials.