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Moving is Easier in Steps-Make Lists

Lists can be an invaluable tool in the moving process, especially when it involves downsizing. Having a plan lined out can assist in staying the course, prioritizing goals, and accomplishing all the necessary tasks.

When starting the transition process, we suggest making the following lists:

List of Who Can Take the Things That Won't Make the Move

Make a list of which friends, relatives, or charitable organizations would be able to use items you eliminate. Knowing who might want and take your items in advance can make it easier to part with them.

At Cardinal Solutions, we use a color-coded system to label these items and segregate everything in different containers for distribution. Start with one closet, cabinet, or drawer and add to each container. Separating items will make pickups and shipping more efficient.

List of Items That Must Move to the New Residency

Creating this list makes it easier to see how big your move will actually be, and will help you determine if you need to do additional downsizing.

List of Who to Notify About the Move

Create a list of family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances who need to know about the move. This will help keep everyone in the loop. When you are moving a senior, it is important to make sure everyone who checks on their well being is aware of their move.

List of Medical Info to Change

Make a list of doctors, insurance, and confidential information that may need to be updated and notified of the upcoming address change.

List of Bills

Make a list of utilities and bills that need attention. Knowing which services to turn off, turn on and notify can make the actual transition much less stressful.

List of ToDos

Make a list of things that need to be done for the current home. Include any repairs, updates, contractors, realtors, etc. This will ensure nothing gets forgotten. It can also be helpful to make a similar list for the new home.

Most Importantly, Make a List of Help

Lastly, relocating can be a big, stressful task, especially if you're moving a senior. Make a list of moving services and senior move managers you can interview to assist you with the process.

Remember moving does not HAVE to be stressful, it can be organized, efficient, and dare we say, even enjoyable! The wonderful team at Cardinal Solutions would LOVE to offer a helping hand. They are fully certified and registered members of NASMM.

We can't wait to meet you!


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