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Senior Concierge Services

Designed for Your Peace of Mind

Many seniors don't live near their loved ones. They're faced with leaving their home to be closer to family, or trying to find help.


That's where we step in. If you or you loved one resides in Baton Rouge or Southeast Louisiana, we can provide you with the support and comfort you need.

Concierge Services Include:

Settling in Services for Seniors - Cardi

Settling-In Services 


We can help seniors who have recently transitioned to a new location by helping them acclimate to their surroundings.

Peace of Mind Visits for Seniors - Cardi

Peace of Mind Visits  


We will help alleviate your concerns for a loved one and provide you with peace of mind about their well-being by regularly visiting and conveying any concerns to you.​

Aging in Place Services for Seniors - Ca

Aging in Place 


We help seniors, who are still independent enough to live in their own homes, by modifying their routines and surroundings to fit their existing needs.

Household Repair Management for Seniors

Household Issues  


We will provide guidance on household issues and help oversee maintenance projects.


We're here to help!

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