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"My eyes, ears, and heart on site."

Sharon and Kathy embraced my elderly cousin as if they were family. They brought considerable skill and knowledge to bear as they assisted me and my family through all the transitions my cousin faced, but, more than this, they had simply an amazing amount of compassion, empathy, and grace for my cousin and my family. They were always there for her and for me. It's not an exaggeration to say they were life savers. Without them, I never would have been able to provide my cousin—who lived 1,000 miles away—the care she needed; they were my eyes, ears, and heart on site.
Matt W. May, 2015

"They're worth every penny!"

I recently WAY-downsized from a house to a two bedroom condo.  I have no children in town and my friends are all my age: too old to ask to help pack me up and unpack me.  Enter Sharon and Kathy with their well-trained, efficient, and kind team.  They had answers to questions I hadn’t realized I needed to ask, having not moved for 24 years.  The project, as I now call my total moving experience, was as painless as possible thanks to Cardinal Solution.  They are not inexpensive—and they’re worth every penny!
M. SternbergJuly, 2019

“…Service was certainly extraordinary.”

I highly recommend the Cardinal Solutions team for moving elderly parents. The level of care and effort they demonstrated is exceptional, and the service was certainly extraordinary. It saved me a tremendous amount of time and was well worth it for many reasons.
Patrick M. November, 2014

"We are 100% pleased."

You made our lives and our move most pleasant.  Without you, we could not have made this move.   We are 100% pleased with how things turned out.   The house interior surpasses our expectations.   The professional and courteous manner in which you serve your clients is outstanding.   Thank you.
Barrie and Lee GriifinAugust, 2019

“Made our move effortless”

When the decision was made to transition to a retirement community, the Cardinal Solutions team made our move effortless. We more than appreciated their advice and consul through this entire event.
Arlene K​​. October, 2016

“…Making a difficult task much easier.”

I appreciated your good work in packing up all of Mom’s items from her apartment. My brother had high praise for Cardinal Solutions. He said you all worked quickly and efficiently and all items were securely packed away. You had answers for all my concerns. Thank you for your help and guidance and for making a difficult task much easier.
Hollis H. May, 2016

“I’m home.”

Moving from her house into an apartment in a senior living community was a big deal — for Mom and for the whole family. Transferring her belongings from one place to another was not the most important thing. Getting the details right was what really mattered. Sharon and Kathy of Cardinal Solutions know how to get the details right. They and their team packed each precious item with the greatest care and made sure that every item was set up in the new apartment in just the right place to make it feel like home. When I heard Mom say, “I’m home!” I knew she had made the right choice asking Cardinal Solutions to plan and coordinate this important move.
Joan W.July, 2015

“…Sharon Cardinal has your solution.”

We recently relocated from Louisiana to Tennessee. Before the moved, we needed interior decoration of our new home, hiring of independent contractors, etc., in other words, total management of the move. We found all this in one person, Sharon Cardinal.She has long been an interior designer and business woman, with a flair for managing a variety of projects, including the frequently difficult task of downsizing for older people who may have to be eased into a new life. We made use of all her talents and couldn’t be more pleasedYou can be sure that if you need to make simple design changes or are facing more complex lifestyle changes, Sharon Cardinal has your solution.
Larry E. September, 2014

“…Rock of support during this move.”

Your services to me have been amazing and have helped me through the first part of a big transition in my life. Your friendliness, willingness to please, and guidance have been a rock of support during this move. Thanks for all you do!
Jessie M.December, 2013

"...Detailed floor plan helped.

I became acquainted with Sharon Cardinal when my mother was moving. The move required downsizing as her new apartment was half the space. Through the planning process, Sharon came up with a detailed floor plan that helped us determine what we could reasonably move. By the end of the day, all my mother had to do was sit in her recliner and enjoy her new place.As a result of this process, I engaged Sharon to help me at my home. It was extremely helpful to have an objective person evaluate my living space and help me make decisions about what was really important to me. Through the process, we rethought the flow of the home, decluttered, rehung all the art and added and updated lighting. Five garage sales later, I have a clean, uncluttered space.
P. MooreDecember 2017

“You provide an invaluable service”

When my mom’s home flooded, you responded to her need for assistance with kindness and understanding. We were extremely pleased with your help in the past, helping mom organize her closets, hang pictures and move furniture. But, stepping in and managing a move with no forwarding was awe inspiring.
Martha L. August, 2016

"..deepest gratitude"

My deepest gratitude for always going the extra mile.
Nicole B. K.July, 2020

“…Sensitive to my mother’s needs.”

Recently it was necessary to move my mother, but since I live out of state, I was unable to facilitate this move in person. Sharon Cardinal was able to provide me with room measurements and we were able to make our furniture placement decisions before the move had begun. From start to finish, Sharon and her staff did it all. They worked quickly and professionally all the while being kind and sensitive to my mother’s needs. I highly recommend their services.
Anne B. April, 2016

“From one very grateful lady…”

From one very grateful lady – Bravo Cardinal Solutions! You made this senior citizen’s moving and downsizing experience far less difficult and expensive than it could have been. Thank you and God bless you for your professionalism, compassion, and efficiency. ​​
Shelia F. February, 2016

..help in difficult time

Thanks so much for your help in moving my mom during this most difficult time.
Mary Sue K.July, 2020

"Thank You"

I cannot tell you  how much I appreciate all your professionalism, care, organization and tenderness.
Johanna L. September, 2016

I can't thank your team enough

Thank you so much for everything you did to make my mothers move so easy.   It was a pleasure meeting the Cardinal Solutions team.   I can't thank your team enough.
Beth ChampagneJanuary, 2018

"Unique Service"

I want to thank Cardinal Solutions for helping move my mom 2 years ago and 2 more times since. They have always been very sensitive, timely, helpful, friendly and careful. They offer a unique service to families going through though changes.
Jim LackieAugust 2020

"The team was very respectful."

I would recommend Cardinal Solutions to anyone needing to move.   They did an excellent job packing up my mothers apartment and putting it all in place in her new home.   The team was very respectful to her and her belongings.
Maire WilliamsMay, 2018

“Highly recommend the Cardinal Solutions team…..”

I told the Cardinal Solutions team I wanted my mom to be able to walk in to her new apartment in her new community and have everything in place. That is exactly what we had when we walked in to her new place.
Cindy F​. March, 2017

..Outstanding Job

Cardinal Solutions exceeded my expectations in every way.  From careful packing, coordinated moving, unpacking which included vacuuming, cleaning and polishing furniture and staging accessories.   The team did an outstanding job.   Professional and courteous.
Margaret and Jerry JohnsonMay, 2018

"Want a perfect move?"

Then call Cardinal Solutions!  These ladies make moving much easier than doing it yourself.  They are friendly, competent, and get the job done with as little stress as possible to the persons moving.  As we all know, changing homes is always difficult, but for great advice, help and support, give Sharon, Kathy and the other ladies at Cardinal Solutions a chance to help you make it not so difficult.  I give them 5 stars!  Happy Moving!
Donald and Gayle SmithSeptember, 2019

“They actually made it fun.”

All through life there are decisions to be made, but none quite as daunting as making the decision to move to a continuing care community. Through all the agony of wondering if this was the right decision, my husband and I had many questions. Would we be able to size down? What to take and what not to take? How would we manage the move? Once we answered these questions and decided on Cardinal Solutions, they became the bright spot in all the confusion. Sharon Cardinal and Kathy Lovett handled all the details of our move, and it could not have gone better. They arranged for and oversaw the movers, as well the packing and unpacking. The team that moved us could not have been more efficient, friendly, caring, helpful, and actually made it fun.
The Normiles February, 2016

"Providing the strength we needed…”

My family was thrilled with the assistance Cardinal Solutions provided. Thank you so much for providing the strength we needed to make this move.
The Dampfs September, 2015

"...Appreciate the personal attention."

The Cardinal Solutions team was exceptional to work with. You made the entire move seamless and stress-free. I so appreciate the personal attention you brought to the situation and the care you put into making my mother comfortable with the move.
C. Daniel KamerlingDecember 2017

"We could not have been in better hands"

We thank you a million times over for your outstanding services in moving us to our new apartment - and at such a reasonable cost.  We could not have been in better hands.
James and Edie M. April, 2017

"Cardinal Solutions absolutely delivers.."

Cardinal Solutions absolutely delivers on their promises.   They see the project through from start to finish, treating us as if we were family.....no exaggeration!
R. BellamyMay, 2018

"They did it all with with unfailing graciousness..."

Hiring Cardinal Solutions to assist with my parents move - from a 3000 square foot home to a 1300 square foot space in St. James Place - was the best decision our family has made in a long time!  Sharon & Kathy (with Victor) did so much more than pack - they coordinated the move from start to finish with extreme sensitivity, kindness, efficiency, knowledge born of experience, and just pure old-fashioned competence.  They knew how many wardrobe boxes to bring, where to set up, how many kitchen boxes would fit, the best movers to hire who would be experienced moving into St. James, etc. etc. They even made sure the Cox Cable guy met the IT guy at St. James so that the cable room could be accessed on moving day. They did it all with unfailing graciousness and a calming attitude that really eased a difficult transition for my 90+ year old parents. We might have been able to make the move without them, but we definitely would not have been together enough to be totally unpacked and enjoying a martini with dinner on moving day without their smoothing our way!
Debra J. January, 2016

“Can’t say enough……”

Can’t say enough about the Cardinal Solutions team. They made the move smooth and perfect
Martha L.March, 2017

"The process was seamless!"

My 100-year-old father used Cardinal Solutions to move him out of and back into his apartment while it was being renovated.  He and I were most impressed with the company’s high quality of professionalism.  The entire staff were calm, caring people who made the process so much easier.  They communicated at every step of the way in a very clear and articulate manner.  Cardinal Solutions bent over backwards to get the project done on time; in fact, they were done before the estimated time completion.  I would use Cardinal Solutions again and highly recommend them to others.  The process was seamless and the end result wonderful.  Working with such competent people was a true pleasure.
Misty TyreeSeptember, 2018

“They were incredibly responsive…”

Cardinal Solutions was a lifesaver when it came to my move and relocation. Before I ever got there, they did a floor plan so I could know exactly what to take and what to leave behind (re: furnishings). The apartment was basically designed and furnished before I ever got there. They were incredibly responsive and communication was smooth. When I (and the moving truck) finally arrived they made, what would have taken me 6 months of work, seamlessly accomplished in a couple of days. Boxes were gone, everything was put away, pictures were hung, old treasures found a new home. Best of all, Sharon’s interior decorating expertise put a new and better look on my belongings. They were wonderful!
Lois D. December, 2015

“…They have a wealth of information and expertise!”

I cannot say enough good compliments about CARDINAL SOLUTIONS. Those two ladies, Sharon Cardinal and Kathy Lovett, are so marvelous to work with: knowledgeable, upbeat and optimistic, friendly, good-natured. They had great ideas – from major to minor tips and tricks, to managing one’s move, to being ready to begin and finish on Moving Day! They (and their crew) have a wealth of information and expertise!
Beverlye P. March, 2015